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If you want to order a special product custom-designing to meet your requirements, here are some guidelines for you :

1. Sunlight-viewable LCD display for outdoor application :
There are several different sizes LCD panels with different luminations for you to choose from :
a) 10.4" : NAGASAKI 10.4" 1000 to 1500 cd/m2 (nits) super high brightness industrial-grade LCD panel
b) 12.1" : NAGASAKI 12.1" 1000 to 1500 cd/m2 (nits) super high brightness industrial-grade LCD panel
c) 15.0" : NAGASAKI 15.0" 1500 to 1700 cd/m2 (nits) super high brightness industrial-grade LCD panel.
Example : PPC-1582T-ALU-17N or PPC-1582T-ALU-1700N. (Note : 17N or 1700N means 1700 Nits).
d) 15.0" : NAGASAKI 15.0" 500 cd/m2 (nits) high brightness LCD panel for outdoor under a roof application
Example : PPC-1584T-ALU-500N (Note : 500N means 500 Nits).
e) 17.0" : NAGASAKI 17.0" 1000 to 1100 cd/m2 (nits) super high brightness industrial-grade LCD panel
Example : PPC-1784T-ALU-1100N (Note : 1100N means 1100 Nits).
f) 19.0" : NAGASAKI 19.0" 1000 cd/m2 (nits) super high brightness industrial-grade LCD panel
Example : PPC-1984T-ALU-1000N (Note : 1000N means 1000 Nits).
When you have a need for this, please specify this when place order.

2. Auto-dimmer for outdoor application :
When you use a sunlight-viewable super high-bright LCD display with lumination higher than 1000 cd/m2, sometimes you may also need a brightness auto-dimmer to dim down the brightness in the night time.
There is one general standard type auto-dimmer and an industrial-military-grade manual dimmer for you to choose from.
a) Ggeneral auto-dimmer type : controls the brightness automatically depends on day or night.
b)Special industrial-military type : manually-controlled brightness from 100% gradually down to 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, ...0
%. This is a requirement from the military aerocraft and navigation marine industries.
For example : PPC-1584T-17N-DM (Note : DM stands for Dimmer)

3. Vandal-Proof Touch Display or Vandal-Proof Display but without Touch :
For outdoor application, sometimes you also need a Vandal-Proof Display with or without Touch screen which is resisting to high impact. When you have a need for this, please specify this in your Order.
Example : PPC-1582T-VP; PPC-1583T-VP, PPC-1584T-VP ; ( Note : VP stands for Vandal Proof)

4. In a very cold weather such as at -20 degrees C, if you need to boot up the Panel PC from this frozen state, we can built in a special heating module with auto-temerature controller inside the panel PC.
For example : PPC-1582T-ALU-COLD ; PPC-1584T-ALU-COLD ; (Note : COLD stands for Heating module for Cold weather)

5. Other requirements :
WiFi Wireless LAN, GPS, GPRS, Modem, 8 channels of DIO, Receipt Thermal Printer (for Kiosk), Bar code scanner, Magnetic card reader, Coin acceptor, Coin dispenser, Bill accepter, Bill dispenser, Camera, Strobe (flash light), Auto-detector, LED lighting, Microphone, security lock, handles, ... etc.

Note : the above product specifications are subject to upgrade or change without prior notification.
If you need to know pricing and detailed specifications, please contact us at
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